NWMEDIA 205 Locative Media

From postcards and maps to mobile phones, this course considers the history and future of locative media, as technological, situated and navigational ways of expressing and understanding space, place and mobility. Combining theory and praxis, students partake in a series of of lectures and discussion-based seminars as well as research, design and production workshops where they will learn to make a critical locative media project of their own.



How-to Video Podcasts

GEOG80 Digital Worlds

An introduction to the increasingly diverse range of geospatial technologies and tools including but not limited to geographical information systems (GIS). Via a mix of lecture and lab-based instruction, students will develop knowledge and skills in web-mapping and GIS. 



GEOG170 Digital Geographies

From the Bombe to Blockchain, digital technologies have heralded new systems of connection, and with them, restratified spatial politics. This course considers the explicitly spatial questions in the new arrangements of politics in virtual, mobile and sensing digitalities, as well as the complex, but consistent spatialities of digital information. This includes critical concerns over theories of digitality, governance, society, and politics - and how the process of scraping, cleaning, making and presenting digital information is always geographic.